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    The firewall needed to provide advanced traffic inspection, a reliable VPN between sites for remote staff, whilst keeping the business up and connected in a resilient pair.

    Project Details

    About our Client

    A manufacturer with sites worldwide that supply metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, compounds, and composites to the research and industrial markets.

    The Scenario

    With operations in France, Germany, America and China; our client wanted to deliver a complete upgrade on their firewalls whilst providing seamless yet safe access for their remote workers.

    The client was initially looking to replace their existing firewall and wanted advice on the most appropriate solution for their needs.

    The new firewall needed to provide advanced traffic inspection, a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) between sites and for remote staff, whilst keeping the business up and connected in a resilient pair.

    Business Challenge

    Their current firewall at the time had threat analysis and traffic inspection, but the alerting and reporting capabilities were limited. Their Finance Director was also experiencing problems accessing remotely when working from home.

    Being particularly interested in the VPN aspects; the customer wanted to trial whatever firewall was recommended, especially to test the remote access VPN functionality.

    The Solution

    After evaluating their challenges and identifying various solutions; it was decided that a Palo Alto firewall would be the best fit. Not only do they provide the best level of traffic inspection with their Wildfire technology, they also have excellent alerting, reporting and offer connectivity for remote staff.   The Global Protect VPN facility is very easy to use, stable, secure and integrates very well and fitted their needs in using certificates to authenticate staff.

    We arranged for a free trial Palo Alto to be placed in-line with their current configuration. This meant the Palo firewall could inspect all traffic and report any issues, but it could also be used as a VPN concentrator.

    The Result

    The loan unit detected several threats that the current firewall did not find, also the Finance Director being so pleased with the ability to work from home without any issues meant that the trial was a success. Although their budget at this time was not able to justify complete replacement of their current configuration, they did opt for a more affordable solution with a smaller Palo Alto which they used simply as a VPN concentrator.

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