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    Sourcing data is one thing. Making sense of it is another. Businesses today are looking for ways to understand their data so they can make faster and more accurate decisions every day. 

    Splunk delivers real-time answers and business value from machine data so you can make better decisions. Splunk software also offers other advantages:


    • Monitor machine data across all sources to deliver operational intelligence
    • Easily aggregate and analyse your machine data, whatever the scale
    • Get the answers you need, when you need them, to meet customer expectations
    • Connect machine data and identify key opportunities and risks
    • Secure your most valuable data with analytics-driven solutions
    • Continuously monitor your company's compliance and regulatory mandates 


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    Your customers' expectations are getting higher and higher. Splunk Enterprise delivers the answers your organisation needs to exceed them. The key? Machine data.


    If reliability, scalability and security matter to you, make life easier for yourself and choose Splunk Cloud. You won't look back.

    Enterprise Security

    Streamline all aspects of security operations in your business and simplify your threat management. Splunk Enterprise Security scales for organisations of all sizes.

    IT Service Intelligence

    Bring machine learning and event analytics together to fully align IT with the rest of your business with this next-generation network traffic monitoring and analytics solution.

    Kevin Brown
    Director, Anglian Water Group
    "The experience I have had with CWL has been exceptional. Our confidence that they can deliver what we need, when we need has been proven correct time and time again."



    This flexible platform scales with your requirements, from focused use cases to enterprise-wide analytics.

    Monitor and analyse machine data from every source to deliver meaningful intelligence you can use to optimise the performance of your IT systems.

    Direct applications include analysis features, machine learning, packaged applications and open APIs. 




    Everything you get with Splunk Enterprise—packaged and delivered as the cloud-based service you've been looking for.                                                                                   

    Get access to over 200 Splunkbase apps or build your own to meet your business needs.

    Splunk Cloud is instant, reliable and secure.



    Cloud software
    Enterprise Security


    Splunk Enterprise Security is a powerful SIEM tool that analyses and provides insight into the data generated by your network and highlights potential threats and vulnerabilities in your business.

    • Detect unusual activities on your network
    • Reduce response times by automating decisions
    • Make informed security decisions based on real data




    Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning through advanced statistical algorithms to detect patterns in your business operations and optimise critical IT services. 

    • Easily filter notable events on your network, identifying correlations and reducing clutter
    • Detect anomalies and trace them to their source before they have the chance to impact your business
    • Get a high-level view of all of your services and their associated health scores



    IT Service Intelligence

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    Businesses need to protect themselves against external threats and insider negligence and wrongdoing. A firewall - which sits between your

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    • There is a need to consider your employees' smartphones and tablets, and your ‘bring-your-own-device’ policy
    • There is a need to consider your employees' smartphones and tablets, and your ‘bring-your-own-device’ policy
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