Better security for your business

Put CWL’s security know-how to work in your business. We can reduce the risk of data loss, downtime and security breaches.

CWL offers a range of security services.

Stay ahead of security threats

The average cost of the worst security breach in a small business is £65,000 or more. Hackers, malware writers, internet criminals and, too often, malicious or negligent employees present a clear and present danger to your business. We can help you reduce the risk.

CWL is your IT security partner

  • Experience. We have been helping businesses in the Cambridge area and in The City protect their confidential data, customer records and business assets for twenty years. We have a dedicated team of security experts and support technicians.
  • Technology. We are vendor-neutral and partner with the leading vendors to offer the most appropriate technology for your specific needs.
  • Confidence. We will work with you to review the threats to your business, create a security plan and build a state-of-the-art, multi-layered defence.

IT security for small businesses by CWL

Download 'Cybersecurity for Dummies' guide