Mitsui meet Compliance with Email Archiving

Mitsui & Co Energy Risk Management Ltd, based in the UK in the City of London, is a consolidated subsidiary of Mitsui & Co Ltd. The company undertakes Energy Derivatives dealing, and falls under the jurisdiction of the FSA.

Business Challenge

The company started looking for an email archiving solution. The company wanted to address challenges in two different areas:

  1. Operational
  2. Compliance

Mitsui & Co Energy Risk Management Ltd uses Microsoft Exchange for email, and the spread of PST files were causing concerns in both areas.

In operational terms

  • Performance Accessing PST files across the network was not as fast as users would have liked, and performance of other applications was starting to be affected. Large mailboxes were also adversely affecting Exchange server performance.
  • Search Searching across many PSTs was timeconsuming, so users could waste a lot of time looking for specific emails.
  • Disk Capacity As data was in discrete PST files no de-duplication could take place, so every forwarded copy of every email was being stored separately. If an email with an attachment had been forwarded 15 times, it could be stored 15 times, vastly inflating disk requirements.
  • Backup Backup windows were expanding and multiple tapes were needed to deal with the increasing volume of stored email.

“Our users are much happier, the compliance department is much better equipped, and my team can provide a more effective email system. Everybody wins” – Alison Heath, Manager of IT Support Services

 From a compliance perspective

  • Time to respond It could be extremely time-consuming for staff to find the data they needed to support the company’s position in any compliance-related situation.
  • Policies to ensure compliance were difficult to implement and monitor without effective tools.


In 2008 the company started work with CWL to implement an email archiving solution. CWL recommended Symantec Enterprise Vault as a solution to operational concerns, with Journalling and Compliance Accelerator to ensure excellent compliance. The company agreed to proceed.


The installation and deployment phase of the project took less than a week. Benefits were seen immediately:

  • Performance As PST access declined, network load decreased, and as mailstore size came under control server performance improved. Net result was a much more performant email system
  • Disk Capacity As de-duplication took effect disk space was reclaimed, slowing the rate of growth of disk capacity
  • Search Users have a much easier, quicker job finding emails. The Enterprise Vault integrates with Outlook to give users seamless access to all their email, no matter where its stored.
  • Backup Volume has decreased due to de-duplication, so the backup window has contracted and tape use has declined.
  • Compliance staff now have the right tools to implement compliance policies, and specialised search capability that lets them find all the emails they need in seconds.

This project has been such a success that another subsidiary of Mitsui &Co Ltd, Mitsui Bussan Commodities, is taking the route pioneered by Mitsui & Co Energy Risk Management Ltd.

As Alison Heath, Manager of IT Support Services for both companies, puts it: “Our users are much happier, the compliance department is much better equipped, and my team can provide a more effective email system. Everybody wins”.

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