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IT problems can catch you unawares - and can be time-consuming and expensive to fix. Wouldn’t you sleep better at night if you knew someone was keeping a round-the-clock watch on your infrastructure? 

CWL’s Managed Services give you true peace of mind. Using some of the most powerful tools in the industry, we can spot problems before they start to cause difficulties, and act to put them right without disruption to your business. We offer three tiers of support, so that you can choose the right level of support at a regular, predictable monthly cost. 


We also offer a choice of IT support options, ranging from simply monitoring and patching through to full management of your IT:

  • Partnership. We work in partnership with your in-house IT team, freeing them of time consuming or routine tasks.
  • Professional services. We can help you tackle the most complex IT projects with confidence.


‘The experience I have had with CWL has been exceptional. Our confidence that they can deliver what we need, when we need has been proven correct time and time again.’

Kevin Brown, Director, Anglian Water Group


Why choose managed services from CWL?

At CWL, we work with you to increase the productivity and resilience of your business by implementing the IT you need and keeping it running the way it should.

We do what needs doing, and we do it well - leaving you free to focus on your business.

CWL managed services give you:

  • Better infrastructure health: prevention is better than cure. By monitoring and fixing any issues before they become critical, CWL helps to ensure the efficiency, consistency and longevity of your IT investments.
  • Improved uptimes (and reduced losses): problems mean downtime, stressed employees and unhappy customers. A proactive approach resolves incidents before they become expensive crises.
  • Easier budgeting; flat monthly fees make budgeting more predictable, and knowing how your IT infrastructure is performing enables you to budget accurately for larger IT projects and migrations.
  • Optimised environment; monitoring your IT also allows you to see where there’s room for improvement, and whether your IT is meeting your business needs.

Why choose CWL Systems for your support

contract support

The support you need, when and where you need it. We offer three levels of support, all delivered at a predictable, monthly cost.

  • Server: Full remote infrastructure management for monitoring and remediation of your IT investments by our expert team. We provide full off-site managed services with monitoring and patch management of your network. Our engineers will troubleshoot, remedy and report all issues and events automatically and seamlessly, so you can focus on more strategic tasks. More.....
  • Network: Everything you need to manage your network—in one dashboard. Our cloud-based network operations system converts dozens of normally complex and time-consuming tasks to simple, automated steps and it’s all done through a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. Our engineers will troubleshoot, remedy and report all issues and events automatically and seamlessly, so you can focus on more strategic tasks. More.....
  • Desktop: Secure Desktop care offers the optimal blend of tools, back office services and bundled third-party software options to provide efficient and effective desktop management. SD features include patch management, anti-virus and spyware, remote access, client communicator, client access portal, reporting, free interactive technical training, and more. More....
  • Mobile Our comprehensive mobile device management services reduce costs associated with supporting an array of mobile devices. We have the ability to separate personal and company data while maintaining full control of policies and device configurations. We work with you to define your company’s mobile strategy and ensure that the policies we create increase both productivity and employee satisfaction. More....


Pay As You Go

  • PAYG: You can top up this account as and when you choose. It’s there in case of any on-site emergencies or ad-hoc IT projects, and means you can just call us whenever you need us, without having to worry about emergency purchase orders or unbudgeted costs. There’s no expiry or restrictions: it’s simply there when you need it.


Database Support

Our team of specialists have extensive experience in Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server and Sybase Database management. Whatever your database system, we successfully deliver specialist mission-critical technical support tailored to meet your individual requirements, whether holiday and sickness cover or 24×7 continuous monitoring.

Our specialist database support team ensure clients can get on with their work without worrying about the operation of their IT systems.  Our discreet, expert and comprehensive service is entirely non-disruptive, as all key checks and actions are undertaken outside standard working hours.  CWL’s specialist database support services are tailored to meet the exact requirements of each client; however, a brief synopsis of the checks and reports that form part of CWL’s support menu are indicated below for reference.  Please contact us for further information.

Checks and Reports

  • Daily checks
  • Database management
  • Space management
  • Performance management
  • Resource management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Service requests
  • Capacity planning
  • Database security

  • Upgrades
  • Instance management
  • Schema management
  • Data control
  • Back-up and recovery
  • Database/instance cloning
  • Health checks
  • Bug fixes
  • Disaster recovery
  • Licence review and management


Professional Services

Most businesses have a limited IT budget but big IT demands. CWL helps close this gap by supplementing your resources with our own professional services. You get reliable IT without any of the stress or cost of taking on new employees.

Expertise on demand

Often businesses start new projects and then find themselves constrained by skills shortages. CWL can help you bring any number of technical developments in on-time and on-budget, including:

  • Virtualisation for server and client
  • Consolidation
  • Storage
  • Archiving (e-mail and data)
  • Directory services
  • ‘Thin client’ installation and management
  • Remote and mobile workforce support
  • LAN and WAN design, with WAN optimisation
  • Process and skills transfer
  • Systems monitoring and management

More bang for your budget

Employing CWL’s professional services gives you much more for your budget than you could get allocating it to in-house expertise alone. Our consultancy gives you:

  • Enhanced flexibility in comparison with permanent staff recruitment
  • Greater breadth of expertise on tap
  • More consistent levels of service compared to temporary contractors
  • Higher levels of dependability for business-critical projects
Project Success

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