Improving Productivity at Inchcape

Inchcape plc is a hugely diverse automotive company; in terms of its people, its locations and its services.

Operating in 26 mature and emerging markets and currently employing around 15,000 people, Inchcape provides customers, businesses and manufacturers with a variety of automotive services from import and distribution to retail and financial services.

Business Challenge

Protecting operational data had become a priority for Maxim Ghest, IT Manager at Inchcape plc, “unstructured email data frequently contained vital contractual information which could take time to locate, the situaltion was starting to become un-manageable.“ In addition inbox quotas meant that IT staff often had to intervene to manage users’ email archiving.

Inchcape had another data issue: monitoring of internet usage was inefficient and required hours of a technician’s time to discover who had been browsing what website and for how long. The dangers of ‘drive – by’ malware being introduced; it kept Maxim awake at night. “In addition to the productivity and compliance issues (we have a duty of care to ensure staff do not access offensive material) there are very real security threats posed by sites that drop malware and spyware onto machines as soon as they are visited”.


CWL’s business and technical consultancy team suggested Iron Mountain’s email archiving solution which had been added to their portfolio with the acquisition of Mimosa Systems. The solution had a number of advantages:

  • Continuous Application Shadowing blocks corruption from the back up copy. All email content extracted from the log files is indexed and stored with single-instance storage. Continuous Application Shadowing captures the complete Exchange mailbox information, as well as email stored offline in PST files and all email content found in public folders—a major advantage for eDiscovery and Exchange recovery.
  • Integrated Disaster Recovery continuous application shadowing provided Inchcape with the ability to ‘point and click’ at the shadow copy to repopulate a failed production Exchange server. Recovery can be made at the database, mailbox or message level.
  • Flexible Archiving Policy Inchcape are now able to lengthen and shorten retention policies as needed, apply retention policies at various levels such as folder or message class, apply item-level legal hold across all content in the archive, and use fine-grain retention and exclusion policies to manage capacity of the archive more efficiently. Flexible retention meant Inchape could start archiving while formalising its retention policies and modify in-place without re-archiving when those policies were agreed.
  • Intuitive eDiscovery provides the functionality necessary to drastically reduce the cost of collection, processing, and review, offering users powerful search capabilities ranging from simple keyword search to advanced search operators (e.g.,proximity search, wildcard, and search within a search). Inchcape can federate searches across multiple servers with one interface and query function to complete full discovery.
  • Easy End-User Access to Archives means Inchcape staff no longer have to deal with quota notifications forcing deletion or PST creation. Instead, they get “unlimited” inboxes with direct access to the archive in Outlook or OWA with their folder hierarchy and Inchcape’s organisational structure maintained. Users can also search for archived content from network file shares directly alongside email in the Outlook interface.
  • Archive Cache does not require users to be connected to a network to access their archived content—it maintains an archive cache of content on the user’s desktop. NearPoint also allows users to search and find active and archived content in both Outlook and Windows Desktop Search (WDS).

Unauthorised Internet usage had opened Inchcape up to a variety of threats; offensive sites, malware and inoffensive but time consuming sites (shopping and travel). CWL’s experienced team recommended Bloxx, Tru-View technology to manage legal, malware and productivity threats to the business.

Bloxx provided Inchcape with real time protection and the ability to manage and monitor employees internet usage. Inchcape had a web filtering system in place but it did not provide the flexibility, manageability and visibility provided by Bloxx:

  • 24×7 Monitoring of web content the Bloxx filter is constantly adding URLs to the database. The time taken to classify new websites is measured in thousandths of a second, which means that Incape’s users to continue their work unimpaired.
  • Sensitivity Manager allows Inchcape to adjust the sensitivity of Tru-View Tech¬nology. Each category has a sensitivity slider ranging from 0 to 100 and each can be adjusted according to Inchcape’s level of tolerance to the content in question. For example, they are aggressive in blocking inap¬propriate material such as violence or pornography, but more tolerant when it comes to travel or property.
  • Configurable Protection the system uses built-in keywords that blocks sites according to the content of this list. However, Inchcape added their own keywords to have further control over sites. It meant that, for instance, they allowed sites that are categorised as ‘News’ but blocked those mentioning ‘Princess Diana’.
  • Other web usage Instant messaging, P2P and download management are built into the system, which enabled Inchcape to manage their employees use of the technology. In addition the system comes with web filtering built in, which added an extra layer of protection against malware.
  • Simple, flexible management interface one of the main reasons Inchcape selected Bloxx was the ease of management. The system had the power and capability to apply rules and company policies. The management interface meant those rules could be applied efficiently and effectively.


Inchcape came to CWL with data availability issues: ”I felt the team listened to me and took time to understand our business” explains Maxim Ghest, “the solutions recommended have exceeded our expectations in terms of protection and ease of use”. The result has been increased productivity and greater protection of vital operational data. The implementation project was completed on time and under budget.

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