How many hats do you have to wear in a day?

How many hats do you have to wear in a day?

We believe that no one single individual can be an expert on IT management, server patching, cyber security, cloud hosting, hardware, software support and more. There is just too much to know and it’s all constantly changing!

How big is your IT team? Do you have a back-up plan for when things go wrong?

We get calls every week from companies whose servers are down or they’ve been compromised, and they don’t have the resources to fix it. Their business is totally disrupted, and everyone is knocking on the door of the IT department to get them to fix it!

Prevention is better than cure.

It will come as no surprise to you that prevention is better than cure. We provide fully managed IT solutions to make sure that your site keeps running. If something does go wrong, then we have the technical expertise and the full understanding of your systems to fix things quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Sounds expensive? It will probably cost less than you think.

One of the reasons that we have continued to prosper for nearly 25 years is that clients find us easy to work with. Our team are widely experienced across a huge range of networks and genuinely get satisfaction from helping our clients to avoid unnecessary IT trouble.

So, If you are having trouble deciding which hat to put on next, don’t worry. CWL can help by running a quick non-intrusive network and security audit of your existing systems to help you decide which hat to choose.


To see a sample report or arrange for your audit and have your report produced visit

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