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    CWL’s Detect & Respond enables you to enjoy complete, end-to-end cyber security defence without having to build and maintain in-house operations.

    Threat Monitoring and Analysis

    Detect & Respond-Endpoint leverages attack forensics and intelligent automation to identify advanced malware, exploits and script-based stealth attacks - and it’s backed by a vendor $1M ransomware warranty that delivers you true peace of mind to their customers.

    Threat Detection

    Leveraging market-leading endpoint detection and response technology, the CWL Security Operations Centre (SOC) can identify and confirm malicious attacks in progress. 

    Response and Remediation

    When threats are discovered, we'll activate remediation steps including scrubbing the system of any remnants of an attack such as processes or registry keys created. In more extreme cases such as ransomware, the CWL SOC will roll back the system to restore system and data access.

    Empowering you to Bridge the Security Skills Gap
    Respond-Endpoint is a powerful service that can help you overcome the significant challenges of managing security environment alerts to automated correlation to a manual analysis by the CWL SOC. Detect & Respond-Endpoint removes the burden of deep security analysis from your staff and only generates alerts when confirmed security incidents require a response. With our SOC technicians acting as a direct extension of your team, you won’t have to worry about hiring and retaining expensive security personnel and you won’t have to waste time manually sifting through security alerts when a known threat is taking place.
    Detect & Respond-Endpoint provides fully SOC-supported endpoint monitoring and threat detection to identify active threats and remediate attacks. Powered by SentinelOne, Detect & Respond-Endpoint builds on foundational security to rapidly identify and halt even the most sophisticated attacks, minimizing harm and reducing risk to endpoints.
    The CWL SOC provides you with the analysis, monitoring, and threat intelligence needed to effectively protect against cyberattacks across endpoints and networks. The SOC ensures you identify threats and meet regulatory requirements through a fully integrated range of response and remediation capabilities, keeping your environment and data safe and available 24x7.
    The solution combines powerful software with a suite of SOC (Security Operations Centre) services to deliver both foundational security and highly advanced protections for our clients—including endpoint management, advanced threat intelligence and the capabilities and reporting required to ensure compliance in modern business environments.
    Secure Desktop Solutions

    Get 24x7 Monitoring While Working 9 to 5
    Although cybercriminals never sleep, you certainly need to. Detect & Respond is backed by the CWL Security Operations Centre, providing you with the expertise and manpower needed to offer 24x7 threat monitoring to customers. When a legitimate threat is detected, the SOC provides rapid mitigation support to stop an attack in its tracks. Our teams then outline explicit steps you should take to recover where appropriate and ensure similar attacks don’t happen again in the future.

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