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Better security for your business

The average cost of a serious security breach in a small business is £65,000 or more. Hackers, malware writers, internet criminals and (too often) malicious or negligent employees all present a potential danger to your business.

CWL partner with a variety of different vendors to provide you with a bespoke security solution for your business. From VPN to firewalls to email protection, we can create the best solution for your business needs.



cybersecurity services

CWL offers a range of security services to help you keep your business secure. These include:

Next generation firewalls

Endpoint protection

Network monitoring

Threat protection

Server protection

Proactive support

Zero Day defence

Web Filtering

Two Factor authentication

Security audits

Email malware and content filtering

Machine Data analytics

Dave Scott

IT and Information Manager at Christ’s College Cambridge

“CWL has a brilliant work-oriented culture that I can lean upon when required, trusting that they’ll come through for me. We have about a thousand constantly fluctuating users, and in the future we’ll be looking to employ CWL to install another Palo Alto unit, increasing our core switches to two, as well as setting up a second firewall. CWL really understand our wider system and how we work, making them trusted advisors and a safe pair of hands. I’m very happy to have them as our long-term partners as we work well with them; they have frequently stepped up where other resellers have failed.”


SECURITY & Two Factor authentication

In today's challenging environment, businesses need to defend themselves against network threats, protect valuable data and resources, and implement the necessary controls for regulatory compliance.

Protect the borderless network:

Users are now able to access the network from various devices, making it more difficult to defend.

Defend against evolving threats:

As hackers become more sophisticated, they can hide their attacks behind legitimate network activity.



Keep hackers out, protect company data, manage staff internet access and block inappropriate activity on your network with next-generation firewalls.

We deploy firewalls from Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks, and configure them to match our clients’ policies and security requirements.

So that we can...
  • Monitor and understand the traffic on your network to spot potential problems
  • Scan network traffic for threats including malware, vulnerability exploits and hacker intrusion
  • Allow or deny employee personal-use internet applications
Next Generation Firewall benefits

  • Regularly scan for malware
  • Blocks intrusion attempts
  • Implements acceptable use policies
  • Prevents cyberslacking
  • Ensures quality of service for business-critical systems like VoIP phone systems

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