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    Find out how to make your business more secure, by requesting a vulnerability assessment
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    Not only can system downtime affect us financially due to limitless disaster recovery costs and potential lost revenue, it can also be an absolute nightmare to get your systems back up and running if you’re unprepared and have left risk management to chance.

    Typically, we hear that a complete security solution is too expensive, too complicated and requires highly skilled employees - which at present are almost impossible to find due to a zero rate unemployment in this area and hiring consultants can be hugely expensive.

    However, … w
    ith IT leaders expanding their focus from data centre ROI, cost savings, and performance, to driving innovation and elevating the customer experience, Managed Services have never been more important when it comes to business IT infrastructure.

    CWL Systems offers a flexible subscription model to proactively monitor, manage, and maximise the critical technologies that run your business—from data centre and cloud infrastructures to workloads, applications, security, and unified communications.

    Our Managed Services were built on a unique synergy of people, process, and tools. We deliver 247/365 support and customised tools that provide greater visibility and intelligence to drive business decisions and help you to keep your business protected.

    By aligning each area of your architecture with the cyber-attack life cycle, we show you how to increase your organisation’s protection with our superior prevention and control techniques. By adopting our unique approach, you’re effectively implementing a Zero Trust model for your organisation.

    We call this approach the Prevention Architecture Methodology. It’s critical to your organisation’s security strategy and will help you achieve:

         • Cohesion between your IT and security teams
         • Improved operational efficiency
         • Better prevention automation
         • Measurable outcomes
         • Reduced business risk

    The process isn’t a shortcut to better security. Rather, a holistic plan to build a prevention-oriented structure for your organisation’s long-term success.

    Prevention Posture Assessment (PPA)

    We’ll conduct a complimentary consultative assessment of your organisation’s prevention capabilities, across all areas of your architecture, through a guided discussion. With the results, we’ll evaluate your current state and give you detailed recommendations for how to reach your desired future state. With a PPA, you’ll:

    • Engage in an educational discussion that covers all areas of your architecture.
    • Receive a thorough analysis of the gaps in your organisation’s current security state.
    • Walk away with a custom report that provides recommendations for how to improve your security posture.

    Book a Prevention Posture Assessment


    Best Practice Assessment
    For your Next Gen FireWall  

    For a Best Practice Assessment, we’ll compare your current policy configurations against best practices and produce a curated set of recommendations for how to improve your security.

    Plus, we’ll analyse your Palo Alto Networks® deployment and measure the adoption of capabilities across your security infrastructure.

    • Engage in an educational discussion that covers all areas of your architecture.
    • Receive a comprehensive security health check and gauge where you are with your existing policy configurations.
    • Create a road map of critical policy configurations and measure the progress of your implementation.
    • Leverage our tools to improve your prevention capabilities by following our recommended best practices.

    Book a Best Practice assessment

    Adopt the Prevention Architecture Methodology

    The Prevention Architecture Methodology is a proven model to help you build a rock-solid security strategy founded in prevention. Our primary goal is to help your organisation get superior security and operational efficiency for the long term.

    Bottom line: We want to make sure you have all the tools, direction and assistance you need to effectively protect your organisation from successful cyberattacks.


    Seamlessly secure Your Network with our fully managed Security Operations Centre

    Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log Management capabilities are integrated on a unified platform with vital security features that can scale to meet your organisation’s individual needs. We help you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your IT staff by prioritising operational incidents - with real-time alerts – enabling them to address the most critical incidents first.

    SEIM and Log Management Threat Detection and Response Vulnerability Assessment User Behavior Analysis

    All critical capabilities under one roof

    We deliver and orchestrate all of the critical capabilities  needed to predict, prevent, detect and respond to security incidents.

    Find out more.....
    Detect & Respond - Endpoint
    Detect & Respond - Network


    Never miss a gap in your security posture with flexible out-of-the-box or customizable correlations, searches and visualizations of all your data. See your full environment with real-time monitoring and harness the power of a single truth.

    Can you identify potential incidents, compromised systems or both by monitoring for vulnerabilities that lead to breaches? Better protect critical data to quickly understand and remediate malicious activity, such as multiple infections on a host.

    You should be able to........
    • Maintain a consistent and accurate monitoring process using continuous monitoring capabilities that enable predefined correlation rules and the ability for security practitioners to easily customize rules
    • Monitor at the Speed of Business and use continuous monitoring, ad hoc search, static and dynamic searches, and visual correlations to determine malicious activity
    So that you can.......

    • Establish a historical baseline for audits and understand the scope and data in your infrastructure while helping with compliance requirements.
    • Prioritize and Act to have a security-specific view of your data to better detect threats and optimize incident response
    • Have Agnostic End-to-End Visibility and gain valuable insight across cloud, on-premises and hybrid services

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