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31 Mar


CWL Systems

Xaar had issues with their previous network support provider. They wanted to do more with their current system and had been told that this could only happen after a costly upgrade. 


Once we were able to take over management of Xaar’s network we were able to migrate it smoothly and seamlessly, despite the previous company’s over-engineering of the system.

“CWL came highly recommended to us as being excellent on both price and service.” Explains Vince Badcock, Head of Management Information Systems at Xaar. “The previous network support provider had told us that the core switches for our network needed changing – and of course that would be costly – but CWL came in and assessed our system, letting us know that we could do everything that we wanted with our current core switches and so wouldn’t need to pay a thing! This negated the risk of disruption and has cemented CWL as a brilliant ethical company, and a joy to work with.

CWL have been a breath of fresh air enabling us to reduce our costs and to get a lot more than we were getting previously. We are certainly looking to do more with them in the future.”


We started by investigating Xaar’s current infrastructure, finding their versions to be feature-rich. In sitting down with them and their third parties we were able to work through all the possible approaches to solving their issues. Xaar had several ‘Point to Point’ wireless bridges that were crucial to connecting their business but were occasionally prone to encountering some issues.

The solution that we settled upon was to set up an automatic failover of their wireless connections to the fastest links via health checks, with the IP SLA feature already being available on Xaar’s existing Cisco switches. Now, working together with our CWL Network Monitoring Platform, we can share information on performance and issues, pinpointing faults and events with the customer and extending the life of their current network investments.

The Client

Xaar is a multi-national company and the world leader in the development of digital inkjet technology. This technology is used all over the world in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including graphics, labels, direct-to-shape packaging decoration, ceramic tiles, laminates, and outer case coding – as well as printing with specialist functional fluids for advanced manufacturing techniques.

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