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‘The experience I have had with CWL has been exceptional. The confidence that they can deliver what we need, when we need it has been proven time and time again.’

Kevin Brown, Director

CWL supports three interrelated businesses, part of Anglian Water Group. They are: Geodesys (a conveyancing search business), AW Direct (offering home emergency insurance and water-related products) and digdat (an online utilities mapping and information provider).

These three sister brands work together as one team. While each brand has their own unique aims, they all share a desire for maintaining outstanding customer service and IT-driven growth.

Booming online services

These three UK-based brands deliver their services to customers on a large scale.The numbers are impressive. Established in 1997, Geodesys now provides law firms with around 500,000 searches a year. Meanwhile, AW Direct has over 600,000 insurance policies, and digdat’s 12,000 customers create a quarter of a million mapping searches per month.

These large customer bases - and the strain on services they bring with them - mean that reliable, well-supported IT is of constant, vital importance.

Behind each of these brands’ successes, customer service is always critical too. Any fault with their IT services, or any down time on their websites could mean a fault in the service they deliver to their customers, and that is simply not an option.

CWL: securing the IT foundations

Working with them for over 10 years, CWL has provided - and continues to provide - the essential IT services and support that Geodesys, AW Direct and digdat need.

Serving around 50 employees across the three brands through one contract, CWL works in many areas to make sure the team’s essential IT remains dependable.

‘My experience with CWL has been very positive.’ Says the Director of the multi-brand team, Kevin Brown, ‘Over the years, CWL has provided consultancy support, network design, infrastructure upgrades, IT support and key hardware maintenance.’

By supporting and maintaining all the hardware across three data centres in Huntington and London, CWL is dedicated to making sure the teams’ servers and services always remain up and running.

Ensuring and insuring business development

CWL provides an essential continuity service. For example, ‘we had a failure of a server in London over a weekend’ recalls Kevin Brown, ‘and CWL were able to deploy somebody well within the SLA time frame to replace the faulty unit. They even performed some checks and replaced a second unit which they predicted would fail while they were there.’

For digdat, a business which is 100 percent online, this pre-emptive, pro-active support means clients such as Thames Water and Virgin Media can rely on their information being accessible nationally by digdat users 24/7 without a hitch.

AW Direct and Geodesys also rely heavily on their websites and the servers that keep them running, so CWL’s support is indispensable.

The team running these businesses have strong ambitions to develop more online services. CWL’s support in key areas allows them to focus on that development rather than worrying about routine maintenance.

Kevin Brown likens CWL to an insurance policy.

‘Knowing that CWL are there on standby and that they are proactively monitoring with my in-house team gives me a great deal of comfort,’ he says, ‘it assures me that I can always meet the commercial requirements of my clients.’

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