Commercial Clients

Successful retail and commercial companies have to compete by just being better. Your processes have to be fast, efficient and reliable, yet adaptable to change. Your IT staff have a challenging job, usually with few people and strict budgets.

How can CWL help?

CWL has helped many companies get on track and stay there with effective IT. We combine our unrivalled skills in all aspects of IT with a pragmatic approach to saving our customers’ money: we recommend phased projects that identify and attack the important challenges first and safeguard your cashflow; we re-use hardware when possible, and we always have an eye out for energy savings and improved asset and network utilisation.

“I know we have the right remote access platform for our future needs, and the right partner in CWL to help us take advantage of it”.
Will Smith, IS Manager, Spaldings

From a service perspective we conserve your budget by providing the right skills at just the right time, complementing your IT team and providing them with excellent information transfer to ensure self-sufficiency. We bring technical expertise and experience gained from hundreds of projects and use it to accomplish your business objectives.

In summary, we help companies punch above their weight with excellent, cost-effective IT solutions and services.