Cloud computing

CWL helps businesses maximise the benefits of cloud computing and minimise the risks.

CWL helps our clients embrace the benefits of online services – efficiency, scalability and its economies of scale – without the headaches. Cloud computing offers companies the ability to achieve important business outcomes:

  • Speed up deployment of new systems from weeks to days
  • Accelerate IT projects to support business initiatives in fast-moving markets
  • Match IT costs to actual usage, avoiding expensive over-provisioning of hardware
  • Integrate different systems more efficiently
  • Outsource server management and security to specialist providers

CWL cloud services

  • CWL SafeCloud. Your choice of dedicated servers, virtual servers and managed private cloud solutions.
  • Hybrid cloud. Get the best of both worlds with a mix of on-premise, public and private cloud systems.
  • Office 365. Move your email, intranet and more to the cloud using Microsoft’s online productivity suite.
  • Mimecast. Unified email management and security delivered from the internet.
  • Private cloud. All the flexibility of the cloud with all the security and privacy you need.
  • Virtual private cloud. A private cloud solution hosted on our secure multi-tenant architecture.

Your cloud partner

  • Platform agnostic. We work with public, private and hybrid solutions and with systems from different vendors. Our goal is not to sell a specific solution but to find the approach that works best for you.
  • Expert consultants. We invest heavily in people, training and technology to make sure that your move online is pain free.

Customer references

‘CWL continually demonstrate their ability to deliver, whenever or whatever the requirement in a flexible, but always professional manner.  The technical knowledge of their Infrastructure consultants are second to none, providing flexibility and resilience in the solutions provided and have secured CWL’s position as primary partner for forthcoming projects.’ – Michael Christensen – UK Head of IT, Gallagher Bassett International