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10 top Wi-Fi and network testing and performance tools

Here are some great tools we’ve identified to monitor, manage and test your network and Wi-Fi. Some are free; others have trial versions. All are worth checking out to see which ones are right for you.

10 Wi-fi and network testing and performance tools

1. Qualys Vulnerability Management is a cloud-based tool that gives you realtime, total visibility of your IT systems to identify threats. It’s fast to deploy, provides unrivalled accuracy and scalability, and is easily integrated into your existing systems.

2. Speedtest is one of the world’s most popular internet speed testing tools, with over 5 million tests per day on 3,500 servers worldwide. This free tool is produced by Ookla, who also offer an enterprise suite for networking performance and testing.

3. Meraki is a cutting-edge cloud-based system for managing your Wi-Fi network, with faster deployment, simplified administration and increased visibility. You can easily manage access control and policies, get a comprehensive overview with rich analytics, and optimise the network experience for end-users.

4. Cloud Cracker is a cloud-based password-cracking service to check the security of WPA-protected wireless networks. Drawing on an extensive range of dictionaries and high-end computing power, it performs a vast number of iterations to crack passwords.

5. Random.org may be just what you’re looking for if Cloud Cracker has easily cracked your password. Developed by the computer science department of a university, it offers a free password generator that relies on ‘randomness that depends on atmospheric noise’.

6. Network Performance Monitor provides fault, availability, performance and deep-packet inspection. It’ll help you reduce downtime and resolve network outages. It includes a comprehensive array of features out of the box, with customisable dashboards, alerts and reports.

7. Okta focuses exclusively on identity management – knowing who’s on your network and why. It knows which staff should have access on the back end, and which customers and partners on the front end. It seamlessly manages logins across all applications, including Office 365.

8. Cloudability gives you a simple solution for monitoring, measuring and evaluating your cloud costs. It provides customisable dashboards and comprehensive reports to let you track spend, optimise resources and budget for future expansion.

9. Wi-Fi Inspector from Xirrus provides complete visibility of your wireless network. You can monitor your network in real-time to see traffic and clients, detect rogue access points and optimise performance. It includes a wide array of troubleshooting tools.

10. Network Mapping Software from Spiceworks gives you a complete, customisable map of your network. You can see bandwidth usage between nodes, view device details and graphically monitor ink and toner. It’s easy to install and use, with minimal configuration.
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