03 May

Taming recovery at Canopius

Double Take have introduced a game - changing product which is set to deliver corporation-level back up and disaster recovery facilities to medium sized businesses.

There are two opposing forces at work when it comes to improving your recovery systems: cash and time.

The growth of data is a problem for all IT departments: mobile applications, increased use of video and an avalanche of email puts a great deal of strain on an organisations systems. The costs associated with data management can be significant.

When Canopius, an independent insurance group with offices across the globe, migrated their DR and back up to virtualised environment they saw a return on investment well within 24 months and significant ongoing savings thereafter.

Migrating back up and recovery to virtual systems either in the cloud or in dedicated data centres makes a lot of financial and operational sense: resources are fully utilised, recovery is usually measured in minutes rather than days, alternative workplaces can be flexible (even working from home) and scenarios can be tested without disrupting the production environment. However, organisations have to balance the benefits against the downside.

For many companies the benefits are outweighed by the time and disruption caused by migrating servers, operating systems and data. Most projects involve significant out of hours work at weekend and evenings. It can also be difficult to test the migration before users arrive for work in the morning. Difficult conversations with users disrupted by 'migration downtime' are the last thing anyone needs after working all night.

Double Take's game changing 'move' solution enables organisations to migrate physical and virtual workloads during office hours without disrupting users. This new development effectively eliminates most of the migration downside: migrations happen faster, with far less disruption, risk and cost.

The product supports any combination of physical and virtual servers and allows managers to safely migrate entire systems: servers, operating systems, applications and data within minutes and with very little loading on CPUs. Not only is Double Take's system hardware independent it also works seamlessly with both Hyper -V and VMWare. The whole package is designed to make migration to a virtualised back-up and DR solution a 'no-brainer'.


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