18 Aug

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Support for Your Business' Cloud Solutions

by Marcus Wale Cloud Support 0 Comments

This blog outlines how to work out if you need cloud support services - what the benefits would be and sets out what effective cloud support looks like.

These days, cloud computing is no longer the ‘new kid on the block’, and is rapidly becoming the dominant model for IT. But it is still new enough that smaller businesses may not have the necessary expertise in house to support any cloud-based solutions or infrastructure that they use.

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11 Aug

Why Managed IT Services May be Right for you, and How to Choose a Provider

This blog outlines the advantages of using a MSP (Managed Service Provider), how to work out if using one would be right for you, and how to select one.

Managed IT services are based around an ongoing agreement for support, under which a provider takes on responsibility for a defined set of services. Managed services differ from Technical Support Services, which are typically purchased in bundles of hours and used by the customer as needed, either for project work or when issues arise.

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01 Aug

Cybersecurity: How to Make (and keep) Your Business Safe

by CWL Cyber Security 0 Comments

One of the biggest cybersecurity problems small businesses suffer from is ignorance. Hackers and criminals are happy to steal all kinds of information from your business, in all sorts of ways.

If you use email to communicate, a website to promote your business or the internet in any capacity then your business is at risk from cybercrime. And, if you hold data, take payments, interact with other companies or even have a business bank account, you have something that criminals want. 

Small businesses are far from immune from cyber threats. In fact, because they pay relatively little attention to their security in comparison to their larger counterparts, many criminals see them as an easy target.

The ignorance many small businesses suffer from, however isn't just restricted to understanding the threats they face, but includes how they can protect themselves as well.

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