Six of the best: growth hacking blogs

Six of the best: growth hacking blogs

Sean Ellis invented the term ‘growth-hacker’ in 2010 to describe ‘a person whose truest north is growth’.

Ellis was describing somebody whose every effort is geared towards growth in order to transform a business from seed to a bloomin’ great flower.

This 100 percent focus on growth is what distinguishes growth hacking from aggressive marketing tactics and we’ve gathered six of the best blogs to help you understand a little more and get you on your way to supersonic growth.

  • Josh Elman gets to the core of growth hacking to find out what it really is. He shares some of his wisdom on the matter and makes it clear that growth hacking isn’t a silver bullet.
  • This blogpost shows how Dropbox managed to develop into a $4 million business without massive marketing overheads. It also gives some of the growth hacks that they used to attract customers.
  • More of an audio-visual learner? Try this series of interviews on ‘growth hacker TV’. With episodes featuring Eric Ries and Camille Fournier you’ll learn some tricks of the trade from a variety of tech start-up experts.
  • Aaron Ginn tackles the six most common myths about growth hacking in this piece. From revealing that growth hackers aren’t coders to the fact that growth hacking isn’t really marketing at all, Ginn gets down to basics.
  • Put these 21 actionable growth hacking tactics from Jon Yongfook into practise to start growing your business immediately. Yongfook also gives his three commandments of growth hacking:
    • Knoweth what thy customer wants.
    • Knoweth where thy customer readeth.
    • Knoweth the language of thy customer.

Get up to speed with growth hacking and transform your business into something big.

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