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    Why we do what we do
    We are all passionate about helping other people and doing a great job.
    We are a service company.

    How we do it
    By providing fanatical customer service, with outstanding attention to detail and the desire to GET IT RIGHT, we are honest and transparent.

    What we deliver
    Business agility, IT Security, and peace of mind with infrastructure solutions that help you to grow your business and reduce risk whilst realising your digital transformation journey.

    30 year smaller

    our commitment to quality

    Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality products and services. Since its inception, CWL has been dedicated to putting the right people, processes, and best practices in place to ensure that you get superior value and quality from us.
    We are proud that many of the people who helped establish that tradition of quality still work with us. Together with colleagues who have joined us more recently, they have put their methods to work in the solutions and support of our current generation of products and services.
    Service Management:
    All calls are handled by our ITIL compliant systems at our service desk facility.
    Project Management: 
    We provide qualified and experienced PRINCE 2 and Agile Practitioner Project Managers.
    Customer service commitment ISO certified ISO 9001:2015
    View our certificate HERE 

    Working at CWL Systems - Our Ethos


    You will be reasonable with us.
    We will be reasonable with you.
    We’re all trying to treat each other as we would like to be treated in the same circumstances. Sometimes the circumstances are difficult, but we will all still be reasonable.

    No politics.
    No gossiping, no avoiding problems, and no telling people what you think they want to hear whilst privately disagreeing. We will be transparent in our dealings.

    Do the right things for our customers and colleagues.
    We believe that if we do what is right for our customers then we will thrive.
    Customers are our lifeblood. Without happy customers, we’re doomed.

    Profits are only a way of keeping score, not the game itself.
    Focusing purely on the numbers is a sure way to kill any culture. We believe that if we focus on delivering great service and support that people want to buy, and then persuading them to buy them – then success will follow.
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    CWL believes in hiring only the very best people, those who are positive, imaginative and have the motivation to make a valuable contribution.
    We offer:
    • Excellent training / development opportunities
    • Flexibility –  We know life can get complicated, and we like to help our staff maintain a healthy work / life balance so we operate a flexible working policy in line with the UK Government flexible working policy.
    • Rewards – We offer a competitive uncapped commission scheme and other staff bonus incentives.
    • Established – We’ve been going strong since 1992. We are still full of ideas, and thrive on the rapid changes that define the world of IT
    If you are interested in working with us, please contact HR@cwlsystems.co.uk.
    CWL have chosen to work with a specific named recruiter.
    You can view  current opportunities here



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