07 Mar

How many hats do you have to wear in a day?

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We believe that no one single individual can be an expert on IT management, server patching, cyber security, cloud hosting, hardware, software support and more. There is just too much to know and it’s all constantly changing!

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25 Jan

Defenders must reduce attackers’ time to operate. It is the key to undermining their success.

Attackers currently enjoy unconstrained time to operate.

Their campaigns, which often take advantage of known vulnerabilities that organisations and end users could have—and should have—known about and addressed, can remain active and undetected for days, months, or even longer.

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18 Jan

We’re going to the SME Cambridgeshire Business awards 2017!

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CWL can also announce that we will be sponsoring the award for Business of the Year greater than 50! This award is aimed at recognising the business that can show outstanding initiative, boldness and imagination in their enterprise, as well as sound management practices.

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